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Welcome to the Walker Transportation Collection

From an age dominated by horse power and wagons to our present period overshadowed by supersonic jet aircraft and sports utility-vehicles, the Walker Transportation Collection has something to captivate anyone's attention. If it moved within, around, or above New England; the Collection most likely has a photo of it! Even for those things that didn't actually move - but are closely related to a transportation mode - a photograph or pamphlet probably exists in our files: train depots, grand resort hotels, motels, drive-ins, theatres, airports, gas stations, fire departments, train depots, car barns, garages, bridges, and diners. Come explore!

With thousands of photos and slides, hundreds of books and periodicals, and scores of artifacts and models to examine, the Collection offers a single source - and perhaps the best source - for discovering New England's ways of transporting people and their goods.

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