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1626 Roger Conant and his followers settled Naumkeag (Salem)
1630 William Woodbury erected first house (foot of Prince St.)
1635 Old Planters 1000-acre grant: Roger Conant, John Balch, John Woodbery, Peter Palfrey (transferred his holdings to William Dodge), Capt. William Trask (land sold to John Rayment)
1636 John Balch house erected
1667 Church of Christ at Bass River in Salem was organized
1668 Bass-River-Side was incorporated as a distinct township named Beverly
1675 Beverly's "Flower of Essex" company, led by Captain Thomas Lothrop, were attacked and nearly annihilated at the Battle of Bloody Brook in South Deerfield, MA during King Philip's War
1683 Beverly became a port of entry
1690 Canadian Expedition under the command of Captain William Rayment
1692 Salem Witchcraft Trials. Four individuals were condemned in Beverly, including Mrs. Hale, the wife of Reverend John Hale. Her conviction brought the witchcraft trials to an end.
1694 Hale Farm built
1700 Beverly’s first grammar school was built
1727 Earthquake on October 29th
1754 Fifty Beverly soldiers enlisted in the Louisburg Expedition, under the command of Col. Robert Hale (grandson of Rev. John Hale)
1755 Severe Earthquake, November 18th
1769 Beverly Harbor frozen all the way to Baker’s Island
1771 Cabot family moved to Beverly from Salem
1774 Town of Beverly adopts resolution supporting Boston’s action on tea tax, Jan 4

Beverly militias march to aid patriots (Beverly to Concord and Lexington) —Reuben Kennison killed; Nathaniel Cleaves, Wilson Dodge, Samuel Woodbury wounded, April
Beverly Seacoast Breastworks built
Hannah fitted out and launched at Glover’s Wharf in Beverly, Sept. 5
Battle of the Schooner Hannah and the Man-O-War Nautilus, Oct. 10
Town of Beverly votes to erect a fort at Woodberry’s Point, Oct. 11
General Glover’s regiment called to protect Beverly in December

1776 Beverly votes to support Independence, July 13
Glover reads Declaration of Independence at what is now Independence Park on July 17
1777 Ebenezer Francis of Beverly is killed in Battle of Hubbardton in Vermont, July 7
1779 Defeat of Colonial forces at Castine (Penobscot Expedition);
Defence, a Beverly vessel, was scuttled to avoid capture (remains of the vessel were raised in 1977.)
1781 John Cabot House was built. One of the first brick Federalist-style mansions to be built in Beverly
1788 America’s first "Cotton Manufactory" was built in North Beverly (operational until 1813)
Beverly-Salem Bridge opened (cost to build: $16,000)
1789 Washington visits the town of Beverly on October 30th. Breakfasts at the house of George Cabot, inspects Beverly/Salem Bridge (Essex Bridge), and visits the Nation’s first Cotton Manufactory in North Beverly.
1799 Schooner Alert, of Beverly, under the command of Captain Jacob Oliver, was captured by three French privateering vessels while entering Santander harbor (Spain, near Basque region.) She was taken into the port of Bayonne.
1801 Small pox hospital established at Paul’s Head, now Hospital Point. Burned down in 1849.
1802 Beverly National Bank incorporated (Bank was located at the John Cabot house, now home of the Beverly Historical Society.)
1807 Embargo put a stop to foreign trade and destroyed nearly all maritime industry in seaport towns like Beverly
1810 First Sunday school in New England opened at the corner of Front and Davis Streets, under the instruction of Joanna Prince and Hannah Hill
1812 The War of 1812 closed Beverly Harbor to trade First Britannia ware made in America in the shop of Israel Trask (160 Cabot Street, ruins of a kiln can still be seen in the backyard.)
1871 Lighthouse built at Hospital Point
1891 Beverly Historical Society was organized
1892 Beverly Historical Society acquires the John Cabot House, former home of Edward Burley, and the Beverly National Bank for its headquarters
1894 Beverly becomes a city
1899 United Shoe Machinery Corporation established
1905 United Shoe Machinery Corporation factory on Elliot Street operational (now the Cummings Center)
1909-1912 President Taft spends his summers in Beverly

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