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balch house
Built in 1636


448 Cabot Street, Beverly, MA

The Balch House Associates is a membership group of the Beverly Historical Society dedicated to the preservation of this historic family home.

Each year, the Beverly Historical Society conducts an annual raffle (for more information on this year's raffle, click here), for which the grand prize is a special early-American Thanksgiving dinner for six served in the historic surroundings of the 17th-century Balch House on the Thursday before the holiday. Gather around the glowing hearth to enjoy a sumptuous holiday dinner of roast turkey and other traditional dishes of the season prepared for you.

Each of us has only a short span of time for life and can observe only the briefest portions of history. But, through the shared lives of family members and the objects, which they left, we can become part of something much bigger. Through the Balch House Associates, you can share in the lives of thousands of Balches, past and present, and feel a part of the very history of New England through the Balch House Associates; you also help preserve the ancestral home - a physical link through three hundred and fifty years. Look through our photo album of the Balch House through the years.

Important Note: Member Robin Balch Hodgkins is continuing the Balch genealogy begun by Galusha Balch over 100 years ago. At this time, her genealogy has more than 7,200 descendants and their families. Please contact Robin at to share your family history, stories, pictures, and information.


Step into the Balch House "Time Machine" to view the house, and see how it has changed in the last 367 years.

wpe13.jpg (22571 bytes)

The Balch House (1998 Photo)


wpe89656.gif (151597 bytes)

The Balch House (1960 Photo)
Note: Enclosed Front Entrance


wpe32494.gif (93232 bytes)

The Balch House (1940 Photo)
Note: "19th century" windows on sides of house.


wpe68276.gif (116069 bytes)

The Balch House (Photo before 1921)
Note: Pre 1921-22 Restoration, modern windows all around, barn and other out buildings seen in back.


wpe70069.gif (195973 bytes)

The Balch House (Photo 1905)
Note: This picture is taken from the "First Balch Family Reunion" booklet of 1905.


wpe67579.gif (125739 bytes)

The Balch House (1636)
Artist concept of original house as it would have appeared in the 1630's.  Note the Bass River, bordering the left side and back of the property.


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